Food Desinfectant Degreaser Cleaner


Cost per Liter
$ 11.03

Cost per Gallon
$ 41.70

High Concentration food desinfectant cleaner.
HD formula, to be used diluted.
For all kitchen and food areas, all surfaces on food premises.
Disinfect food premises of bactericidal, virucidal and yeasticidal.

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Highly concentrated degreasing and disinfecting cleaner for floors and surfaces. For use in kitchens, restaurants, food preparation and processing areas. Suitable for removing all greasy stains from floors, walls and worktops.
– do not use with pressure washer

Product made from raw materials of vegetable and/or mineral origin. Bactericidal according to EN 1276 and EN13697. Yeasticide EN1650 and EN13697. Virucidal EN14476, limited spectrum. (see the table of standards on the back for more details).

The product is used diluted in water from 0.5% to 2%.
Disinfection: Refer to the standards below. Spray or spread the solution on the surface to be disinfected. Leave on for 5 to 60 minutes to obtain the desired disinfection. Wipe with a damp sponge. Then rinse with clear water. “To reduce the environmental impact, respect the recommended doses of use”.

Appearance: clear colorless liquid, pH < 2.5, Density: 1.12 – 1.14

The corrosive classification is based on an extreme pH value. Skin corrosion, Category 1C. Serious eye damage, Category 1.
Biocidal product TP 4 – Biocidal active substances: lactic acid CAS: 79-33-4, 288.00 g/kg – ethyl alcohol CAS: 64-17-5, 9.00 g/Kg

Store away from frost.
Optimum use-by date: 24 months from the date indicated in the batch number on the packaging. The packaging must be disposed of as hazardous waste under the full responsibility of the holder of this waste. Do not dispose of residues in sewers and waterways. Use biocides carefully. Before use read the label and product information.

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