Sustainable Cleaners

We are proud to introduce our line of Performance Sustainable
Cleaners, designed to tackle the challenges posed by
traditional industrial cleaners on the environment. Discover how
our innovative green technologies can make a difference in the
world and benefit your business.

Sustainable Sourcing

The foundation of BioTechPro Cleaners lies in our commitment to sustainability. We source natural compounds recycled from food and agricultural waste. By repurposing these by-products, we minimize environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy.

Advanced Bio-Tech

Our journey begins with over six years of extensive research and development. Using advanced bio-technologies, we fragment and extract active molecules from the collected natural by-products. This meticulous process ensures the formulation of potent “bio-active agents” that excel in cleaning performance

The Process

Collection of
Natural By-Products

We diligently collect natural by-products from agricultural and food industries, carefully selecting the most environmentally friendly sources.

& Extraction

Through precise fragmentation and extraction techniques, we isolate active molecules with exceptional cleaning properties.

Constitution of
"Bio-Active Agents"

These extracted molecules are then skillfully combined to form our proprietary “bio-active agents,” ensuring unparalleled cleaning effectiveness.

Fabrication of
Ready-to-Use Solutions

Our expert team formulates these “bio-active agents” into ready-to-use cleaning solutions, ready to tackle any cleaning challenge.

Our Promise

Green Innovation

BioTechPro is at the forefront of green innovation. Our continuous research and development efforts ensure that our cleaners are always powered by the latest environmentally-friendly technologies. Experience the future of cleaning solutions with our innovative green technologies and be a part of the green revolution with BioTechPro Cleaners.

Price Matching Guarantee

At BioTechPro Cleaners, we value your satisfaction and want to ensure you get the best value for your investment. That’s why we offer a Price Matching Guarantee on our green cleaning products. If you find a competitor offering the same product at a lower price, simply let us know, and we’ll match that price.

Transparent Accountability

Transparency is at the heart of BioTechPro Cleaners. We take accountability for our products and their impact on the environment seriously. With our all-natural formulations and eco-conscious approach, you can trust that our cleaners align with your values for sustainability and responsibility. Make a clear choice for accountability – choose BioTechPro Cleaners.

Empowering Choices

Empower your business with BioTechPro Cleaners and make a positive impact on the environment. By choosing our triple bottom line approach – efficiency, sustainability, and accountability – you actively contribute to a cleaner world. Elevate your cleaning standards, empower your team, and inspire others to follow in your eco-conscious footsteps. Join us in making empowering choices with BioTechPro Cleaners.