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Desinfectant surfaces without rinsing but you can

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Desinfectant surfaces without rinsing
– Desinfectant cleaner ready to use, including food surfaces: chromes, inbox, varnish, aluminum, glass
– Can be used in all medical facilities: exam tables, chariots of transport, exam materials, bathrooms, bedrooms
– Can also disinfect furniture and objects: desk, tables, phones, door knob, sport equipments, toys and educational tools
– Can be use without rinsing
. Dry fast and leaves zero mark on the support

Prdocut made from mineral and vegetable origins. Bactericidal according to norms EN 1276, EN 13697 and EN 13727. Yeasticide according to nroms EN 1650, EN 13697 and EN 13624. Fungicide according to norms EN 1650 and EN 13697. Virucidal according to norms EN 14476 (see attached tables for details)

Should be use pure, do not need to dissolve:
– contact time: 30 seconds to 15 minutes depending on the efficiency to disinfect that you desire. Rinsing is not necessary including on food surfaces.
Spray or splash on the surface to disinfect then let it dry (or wipe if necessary). For electornic devices: spray on a cloth the wipe the device for as long as neccesary to desinfect. Do not rinse.

Clear colorless liquid
Density: 0,85 – 0,91

Liquide inflammable, Catégorie 2. Irritation oculaire, catégorie 2. Ce mélange ne présente pas de danger pour l’environnement. Aucune atteinte à l’environnement n’est connue ou prévisible dans les conditions normales d’utilisation.
Produit biocide TP 2 / TP 4 – Substances actives biocides : alcool ethylique (N° CAS 64-17-5) : 700g/kg.

Conditions inhérentes aux produits inflammables.
Date limite d’utilisation optimale : 24 mois à compter de la date indiquée dans le numéro de lot présent sur l’emballage.

    Superior cleaning

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    100% sustainable

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    Safe for Daily use

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