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    Cleaner Degreaser Hard Floors

    Bio-Active cleaning agents recommended for the maintenance of washable floors, and more particularly for heavily soiled floors such as workshops, production facilities, storage sheds, large floor surfaces, garages and hallways, etc... Detergent acts to remove soilage, without excessive foam formation, it can be used in a scrubber drier. Used at the recommended dilution, the product has no effect on most metals, rubbers, varnishes and paints.Learn More
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    Desinfectant Cleaner

    Ready-to-use disinfectant for all types of surfaces Bio-based formula to desinfect: kill bactericidal, virucidal and yeasticidal. Optimized for food surfaces, tables, desk, desktops, furnitures, door handles, equipments and objectsLearn More
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    Food Desinfectant Degreaser Cleaner

    High Concentration food desinfectant cleaner. HD formula, to be used diluted. For all kitchen and food areas, all surfaces on food premises. Disinfect food premises of bactericidal, virucidal and yeasticidal.Learn More
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    Glass Cleaner Shiner

    Cleans, degreases and shines glasses surfaces. Remove all stains and leaves the reflection shiny without any streaks. Concentrated and economical formulaLearn More
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    Industrial Degreaser & Solvent

    Bio-Active solvent detergent, intended for the removal of industrial greases and oils. The solvent can be used safely to remove oils and tire marks in industrial environments, on trucks and car parts.Learn More
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    Neutral Detergent

    Detergent Neutral Formula Bio-based highly solvent detergent. Formula intended for the removal of mineral dirt on naural stones No acity. Natural formula lives ravishing and shining. Non foaming and safe to be used in scrubbersLearn More
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    Plastic Cleaner Ravisher

    Hyperactive cleaner and ravisher for plastic. Ready-to-use formula designed to remove all dirt, including the most stubborn, Easy to use and effective, by spraying and wiping.Learn More
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    Stainless Steel Cleaner Reviver

    Stainless steel kitchen cleaner Formulated to degreases dirt and to revive gloss of stainless steel, steel and aluminum Concentrated and economical formulaLearn More